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Ready to bolster your content marketing strategy that gets in front of your audience, engages your market, boosts traffic and increases conversions?  Repurposing content is the answer!

You see, with blogging being a central component to your inbound and content marketing strategy, it’s essential that you extend the life of your content to expand its reach and maximize exposure.  Your blog content positions you to create endless content to share with your market that essentially engages and converts. 

With so many marketing platforms, it’s essential to have an effective strategy where you are utilizing each one yet repurposing your content so your message is consistent. 

Repurposing is the best way to achieve great impact across your various marketing channels.

Here is a 10-step checklist to repurposing your content to enrich your content marketing strategy and optimise results:

#1 Publish a high-quality, engaging blog post

The key to creating value-rich content that speaks to the hearts of your audience is clearly understanding your buyer personas and curtailing your content to their needs.  Knowing their pains and problems positions you to build your entire content strategy around offering solutions and providing answers.

#2 Share your new post with subscribers

Email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources (Source: QuickSprout).  Sharing new content is one of the best ways to nurture your leads and increase visibility to your content as they extend it to their networks.  Create an email message that promotes your post…be sure to give the call to action to click and share!

#3 Create visuals and post on social media channels

Blog posts using an image once every 75-100 words got double the number of social shares than posts with fewer images.  With that said, use these images within your post to share on your social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to promote your piece.  Or use tools like Canva or Pablo by Buffer that makes it easy for you to create quality, polished images that complement your blog post.


#4 Highlight a topic using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is the new platform on the block, allowing users to post multiple images and videos in a short period of time to create a “story” for the day.  This is a perfect medium to boost engagement with followers and give them new, authentic content to look forward to daily.  Share an on-the-spot video of your blog content using stories and highlight key pieces.  Be sure to give the CTA on how they can easily get to your content.

#5 Take major key points and convert into video series

Consumers are 85% more likely to buy after watching a product video (Source: Entrepreneur).  Videos are proven to enhance engagement and to get your viewers to take action.  By creating separating videos of your major key points, you’re giving your brand more real estate online, further connecting with your audience while humanizing your brand.

#6 Publish your post on LinkedIn Pulse

Have you considered publishing your quality blog content to LinkedIn Pulse?  This community is buzzing with professionals who crave fresh content relevant to their industries.  Connect with leaders and influencers while sharing content that will build your brand as the go-to source.

#7 Use live-streaming video to host Q&A session

Connect with followers using live-stream video to discuss the details of your blog post.  Platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live are excellent tools to increase engagement with your followers.  Hosting a Q&A session allows you to hear from your audience, gain immediate feedback based on comments, and give your viewers are more personal experience.  Finally, generate new blog content ideas simply by listening to your market.  A win-win for everyone!

#8 Create an infographic of the content

Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3 times more than other any other type of content. It’s the perfect tool to post on social sites for increased exposure and distribute to your email list for even more shares.  Simply design your own at and get one created in no time!

#9 Turn various points throughout your post into tweets

Choose many key pointers throughout your content and convert them into tweetable moments.  The advantage to Twitter is that you can retweet the same message 2-3 times daily for greater effect.  Be sure to include a shortlink to direct followers to the original blog post.

#10 Host a webinar

Delivering content using webinars greatly positions you as an authority and thought leader in your space.  You’ll separate your brand from competitors, boost sales, and extend immense value to your audience by leveraging webinars.  Share your blog post details in a presentation with PowerPoint slides using the question/answer feature to interact with participants.

You can later upload these slides to SlideShare…providing yet another channel to repurpose content.

Final Takeaways

Here are a few key points to putting this list to work:

  • Explore your content stack to find the posts that are worthy of republishing – consider those popular posts that earned a lot of traffic and engagement. Repurpose that to extend the life of those articles
  • Focus on adding value to make your repurposing efforts successful
  • Tailor content to fit the appropriate audience of the platform you’re posting to – for example, LinkedIn has a professional audience whereas Facebook appeals to family and friends. Adjust your content accordingly so it resonates with the users on that network
  • This list is super ideal for long-form content – longer posts tend to do well in search and can be divvyed up in so many ways that you’ll never run out of content to share

Repurposing content will be a huge time saver for your content strategy.  The benefits you gain with SEO, expanding your reach and influence are too valuable to be ignored.  Plus it’s made easy by using this checklist.  One blog post can lead to dozens of content pieces for your brand.

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