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Are you ready to ramp up your content marketing? 

With so much emphasis being placed on producing and sharing high-quality content, it’s imperative that your brand leverages the right tools and strategies to create real success in your content marketing. 

The amazing benefits to improving your content strategy includes better fan engagement, higher conversions, increased brand awareness and credibility, and more traffic to your site. 

The key is focusing on adding value to your target audience that inspires, nurtures, and motivates them to action. 

A good content strategy can live for years.  Embracing these strategies now will position your brand to excel in future campaigns.  

Gleaned from top leaders and influencers in content marketing, the goal is to share 30 content marketing tips that offer strategic ways on how to improve your content strategy in your marketing.


  1. Make it a goal to become the go-to source for your niche or area of expertise

  2. Identify key changes your brand must make to create a working content marketing program

  3. Ensure your content marketing strategy aligns with your ultimate business objectives

  4. Spend more time knowing and understanding your prospects.  What are their goals?  What keeps them up at night?  Establishing clear buyer personas helps drive content creation and improve overall results for your brand.

  5. Take time to understand your prospects’ real journey and tailor content that fits each stage in the buyer’s process

  6. Find creative ways to talk to and personally engage with your fans and customers.  Leveraging live-streaming platforms like Periscope is a great way to foster engagement

  7. Make your audience excited about engaging with your brand

  8. Build relationships!  Real action comes from people with whom you’re truly connected

  9. Produce content that your audience is actually searching for

  10. Create content pieces around your audience’s most frequently asked questions

  11. Don’t just republish the same content on different sites…repurpose your content in unique ways that appeals to the audience on that specific platform to become effective

  12. Inject personality in your content to humanize your brand

  13. Be visual, be visual, be visual!  This includes images, infographics, videos, and social videos.  Content with images receive 94% more views than content without (Source: Hubspot).

  14. Curate content to enrich your content strategy while delivering resources that resonates you’re your audience.  This is also a great strategy when you’re looking for fresh content to share to fill in gaps your content creation

  15. Bring influencers into your content.  Features, celebrities, spokespersons from well-known brands…finding influences that match your brand messaging

  16. Leverage different voices within your organization to bring even more personality to your content

  17. Create (and sell) information products

  18. Consider the marketing platforms you’re going to use to get your content in front of your market before creating it to optimize for that platform

  19. Retarget content through Facebook advertising

  20. Be in places that matter to your audience

  21. Build email subscribers.  Email marketing is the lifeline to your business and is the primary channel for lead generation for 89% of marketers

  22. Actively promote influencers and thought leaders in your niche by sharing their content more than your own

  23. Ensure your content and website are optimized to increase search visibility

  24. Analyze your content strategy to gauge what’s really working…and what’s not.  Understand why it’s producing results to emulate in future content

  25. Have a specific metric for each goal

  26. Track all your activities towards generating revenue

  27. Be sure that your website is easy to navigate for new visitors

  28. Stay current (or hire someone who does) on Google trends to improve natural search and visibility

  29. Read more content than you write to bolster your skills and remain abreast in industry change

  30. Don’t forget to take a break!

Which strategies most resonate with your brand? 

Choose the ones you plan to implement in the comments below…we’d love to hear your feedback!

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