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A primary job function for most content marketers is to consistently come up with quality content, which will result in high traffic engagement and conversion.

Fortunately, content marketing is dynamic and flexible enough to allow a marketer to try out different strategies.

The marketer nonetheless, still operates in a constrained environment characterized by stiff competition, as well as limited time and resources.

So how does a digital marketer ensure he or she ends up with content that best guarantees the success of their brand?

The answer lies in modeling.

According to Neil Patel by emulating how successful brands have promoted their content, you too can take the same inventive ideas and employ them to your marketing strategy.

If you are looking for brilliant content marketing examples, here are a few to get you inspired.



It is almost impossible to mention successful brands in the world and fail to include this Soft drink giant.

Although Coca-Cola’s marketing campaigns are always on point, the most recent that stood out was the Share-a-Coke promotion.

The company's VP of Global Advertising Strategy, Jonathan Mildenhall, attributes the success to a combination of creative madness and the willingness to try out untested ideas.

The company only printed people's names on the product labels and as if on cue, everyone fell in love with the product. The campaign went viral causing everyone to crave for a soda can or bottle.




If there is a brand that seems to get its digital marketing right each time it is Nike.

They understand the importance of availing relevant, useful and immediate information to its customers. Consequently, Nike has created a vibrant separate Twitter account dedicated solely to offering customer support.

The handle is extremely active, and each user's query gets an almost instantaneous response.

Such a move makes the company more accessible to the customers, but importantly it helps Nike to connect quickly with clients thereby significantly increasing the rate of engagement and conversion.

Whole Foods Market


Even though there are thousands of online grocery stores, Whole Foods towers tall against most of them through its content marketing efforts, proving that it is not just another “Me Too” kind of store.

Whole Foods has successfully positioned itself as a lifestyle choice brand, which embraces both earth-conscious eating and healthy living.

They have done that by creating a highly informative blog, which encourages healthy lifestyles. Most if not all of their articles relate to what readers want to know such as how to eat healthful on a small budget, how to prepare different types of meals and so on.

The educative content also adopts a proactive voice, making the audience feel like he or she belongs.

Blendtec (Will it Blend?)


If there is a classic blueprint of how infomercial content marketing can help a firm achieve tremendous success, then it is Blendtec.

A team of 40 engineers created the “Ultimate” blender, which unfortunately stood almost no chance of succeeding, thanks to its over-engineered features and high price.

However, Blendtec came up with an effective content marketing strategy of “Will it Blend?” videos, which turned the brand into a global success.

Through their YouTube channel, Blendtec demonstrates to users just how useful their blenders are, by attempting to blend different everyday objects.

The efforts paid off with impressive results.

It led to a 1000% increase in product sales.

The YouTube channel got close to a million subscribers, and several videos received over 18 million views.



Many new content marketers are under the assumption that they need to publish a lot of content like Hubspot to get a good content marketing ROI.

However, as Brian Dean proves through his popular SEO blog, it is not so much about the size of content but rather the quality.

Brian posts only one article each month and manages to get at least one hundred thousand views per article.

Furthermore, each of his posts gets an average of over a thousand shares, and his domain has more than 5k backlinks!

So what is his secret?

Brian just provides information that is treasured and shareable.

Moreover, he writes content that people want to read and then he targets influencers through SEO and back linking.


At the end of the day, it is entirely up to you as the digital marketer to determine how crazy, interactive or unique your content marketing campaign will be.

Whichever strategy you employ, as evident from the above content marketing examples, make sure your content is useful and so great that people would love to read and share it.


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