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John Rampton wrote an interesting article for Entrepreneur in which he outlined 5 trends that are reshaping social media. It was really no surprise that one of the trends Mr. Rampton discussed was the fact that social networks are beginning to act like search engines. Let's take a look and some of the reasons why the relationship between current social media marketing trends and SEO seem very real.

Social media profiles rank in search engines

Social media profiles are often at the top of search results for brand names. If you conduct a Google search for "Walmart", you will discover that Walmart's Facebook page ranks number 4 or 5 in your results. Social profiles are great assets for building an online presence for any business. Not only can social profiles expand your reach and improve customer retention, but they are great SEO tools for capturing more search visibility.

Linking to all your social profiles from your website will help pass authority to them and will increase social engagement. This sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised by how many sites don't link to their social profiles.


SEO has become human-friendly

In Kristina Cisnero's article, "Why Content Marketing And Social Media Are Your Most Powerful SEO Weapons", she makes the statement -

"SEO isn't all technical anymore."

SEO once revolved around a certain keyword a website owner felt would be entered into a Google search box. That worked up until the time consumers changed the ways they conducted searches. Major search engines now want high quality relevant content that answers the questions people are genuinely asking. Google wants to share and rank highly the type of content that really matters to people.

Social networks are becoming search engines

People no longer just go to Google or Bing to search for products or services, they also use social media channels to find what they are looking for. According to Tomer Tagrin's "5 Predictions About the Growing Power of Online Customer Reviews" for Entreprenuer, 61 percent of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision.

An article at PowerReviews goes a little further by explaining that:

  • More than half (53%) of shoppers consider retail websites to be the most trustworthy source of reviews.
  • Eighty-two  percent of consumers specifically seek out negative reviews. For shoppers under 45, it jumps to 86%.

If someone wants to check out your company, they're likely to go to Twitter or Facebook to see what kind of presence you have there and learn what other people are saying about you. If your brand has beautiful visual content, you can improve your visibility by making your content visible on Pinterest and Instagram.

Content is a critical part of SEO

Google respects quality over quantity in driving search traffic to a website. Your SEO strategy must go beyond keyword optimization and link building. You must get the content you share in social media right. It must be the type of quality content that people want to share. People love to be seen as a resource for their friends. If you can provide tips and information that will help them do that, they will pass it along to their own networks.

The lines between content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO are becoming less distinct. Content marketing was once all about informing and audience. Social media marketing was once just about promoting content. SEO was originally designed to make content more available to search engines. Today, all three work toward the same goal of achieving relevance to a target audience to control what searchers see and your brand perception.

Social channels convey a business personality and are actually more personal than web pages. A few active social channels can make the experience of getting to know your brand more fun and personal.

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